Complete documents every vehicle owners must have to drive freely in Nigeria.

Meaning of the first 3 alphabets of a Lagos number plate.
September 30, 2018

Driving in Nigeria without encountering road law enforcement officers has below 25% probability of happening, which then calls for proper documentations and licensing to avoid harassment and potential vehicle detention. However, the law stipulates concisely that all vehicles to be used in the country must be properly and duly licensed and registered with the government. These documents includes

  1. Vehicle licence
  2. Road worthiness
  3. Insurance
  4. Proof of ownership Certificate
  5. Allocation Paper
  6. CMR
  7. Hackney Permit (Commercial)
  8. Custom Papers
  9. Driver’s Licence

If you happen to be without any of these documents listed above, you are liable to be arrested, which i’m quite sure you don’t want to stand the risk. You have an easy and smart option of getting any of these documents done and delivered in no time. Click here to start.

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